Helping you pilot your distinct journey



We believe that integrity is core to how we do business.  To earn the trust of our teams through
honest dialogue,
 and compassionate assessments, to lead with the heart and focus on what is right and true for each individual.  


We practice respect for ourselves, others, the planet and universe.

This is our guiding principle for navigating all journeys.


We need all eyes, voices, beliefs, skills, hearts and minds on deck for the ship to sail in the right direction.  Including all voices is our duty and honor.

To ensure those without voices are heard, is essential.


We strive for compassion, 

empathy and better understanding of each other, as we create safer, 

healthier teams and communities.


We revel in celebrating the wins and learning from our mistakes, 

recognizing there is  humor in all situations. 

Laughter is often what fills the sails when we find ourselves running out of steam.




We will meet you and your team where you are on your journey, focusing on listening and learning in order to best chart your course.



Andrea Anderson has lived and worked all over the globe.  She has focused on health disparities, altering laws to better serve our communities, fighting for reproductive justice, committed to being an anti-racist accomplice, and put her heart and soul into her work every day.  She is a proud member of the LGBTQAII+ community and has also spent a large portion of her life volunteering in the recovery community and mentoring young people. 

She is a passionate social change warrior, a solutions-oriented leader and innovative in her approach to each clients’ needs.  She has worked with companies and movements to address global issues involving multiple stakeholders, and facilitated teams to develop cohesive, collaborative solutions designed to meet and exceed organizational goals and community needs. 


Andrea founded Anderson Navigation after years of working in the social justice arena and realizing her passion involves ensuring that the most-needed organizations – and their leaders – have access to all the tools and support necessary to focus on their missions and continue to change our planet for the better.



Andrea is a very passionate, competent leader with an extraordinary sense for equality and human rights. She is an exemplary role model who cares deeply for her staff.


Coming in at a time when a real shake-up was necessary and a new set of skills were invaluable, Andrea's natural leadership abilities pulled a strained team together for one common cause - to make the organization the best it could be.


From the moment she began consulting it was clear that her steady, thoughtful and intuitive nature was going to provide the perfect platform for growth.



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